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Dibs Electric: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility in Sharjah, UAE

Dibs Electric represents a bold and strategic initiative to launch a fleet of shared electric scooters into Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, initiated by Dubs Oy, in partnership with a private investor boasting over three decades of business acumen in the UAE.

Our vision was to introduce a sustainable and innovative micromobility solution to the city of Sharjah, an untouched market, utilizing Okai electric scooters and Atom Mobility’s software for optimal fleet management. As the Chairman of the Board at Dubs Oy, I have had the privilege of leading our efforts. Operating a large fleet of electric scooters in Finland since early 2022, we have generated considerable expertise in fleet operations, maintenance, and the implementation of best practices to ensure efficiency and reliability. The project was inspired by being involved in Bird’s somewhat-failed attempts to launch a fleet in Abu Dhabi and Doha (as of 2023). The success of the project relied significantly on leveraging the strong connections of our private investor, who is related to a shareholder at Dubs Oy, with prominent connections to individuals within the UAE’s political, economic spheres and the royal family. Unfortunately, despite the connections provided by our private investor, the licensing process proved to be a formidable challenge, ultimately stalling the funding of the project. The venture has been temporarily suspended, leaving us with extensive business plans, encompassing over 150 pages of meticulous research and strategic planning, awaiting the right moment to be brought back into action.

Dibs Electric: Covers of the Three Plans

The venture has been temporarily suspended, leaving us with extensive business plans, encompassing over 150 pages of meticulous research and strategic planning, awaiting the right moment to be brought back into action.

The Business Plan: Strategic Business Blueprint

Our Business Plan for Dibs Electric lays the foundation for Dibs Electric – as Chairman of Dubs Oy, I led our team to develop an extensive document that encompasses everything from product descriptions and operation plans to financial forecasts and risk assessments. With over 60 pages of in-depth analysis and strategic planning, we showcased our approach using Okai electric scooters and Atom Mobility’s software, ensuring optimized fleet management and exceptional user experience. Our plan also delves into the competitive arena in UAE, positioning Dibs Electric as a sustainable and convenient alternative amidst other operators. This business plan is a testament to our commitment, expertise, and belief in the project’s potential, underlining my personal capabilities in steering complex and high-stakes ventures.

The Financial Plan: Robust Financial Framework

The Financial Plan for Dibs Electric, a significant section of our documentation, presents a clear and well-structured financial roadmap for the venture. We meticulously detailed all aspects of the financial landscape, from startup costs and revenue projections to operating expenses and net profit analysis. Spanning over 50 pages, and accompanied with spreadsheets, our plan lays out realistic financial expectations, supported by data and strategic insights, projecting a robust P/L ratio and net profits for the first year of operations. This document serves as a clear demonstration of my adeptness in financial planning and risk management, highlighting my ability to lead ventures toward fiscal sustainability and growth.

The Marketing Plan: Innovative Marketing Strategies

Our Marketing Plan for Dibs Electric is a comprehensive strategy document that underscores our approach to capturing market share in the competitive micro-mobility sector. We developed a plan that outlines our target demographics, competitive positioning, and a variety of marketing strategies to ensure market penetration and customer satisfaction. From referral programs and strategic partnerships to detailed SWOT analysis, this plan exemplifies my skill in marketing strategy and my ability to drive a brand forward in challenging markets. It serves as a testament to my capability to craft and execute effective marketing plans that resonate with diverse customer bases and navigate competitive landscapes.

Meticulous Project Documentation and Branding

In addition to our detailed business, financial, and marketing plans, our project documentation for Dibs Electric includes a variety of spreadsheets, brand guidelines, and additional resources. My leadership and attention to detail were crucial in developing these collateral materials, ensuring consistency in branding and operational clarity. These documents provide a comprehensive view of our project, showcasing my ability to manage and direct every facet of a business venture. They stand as an integral part of our project portfolio, highlighting my dedication to excellence and precision in every aspect of business planning and execution.

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