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Dubs Micromobility

Steering Dubs Micromobility Toward Sustainable Urban Transport

As the Chairman of the Board for Dubs Oy since June 2021, I’ve been at the forefront, guiding the growth and setting the strategic direction for Dubs Micromobility, a key division of Dubs Oy. Rooted in forward-thinking vision, Dubs Micromobility has positioned itself as a spearhead in the urban transport revolution. We manage a fleet of over 500 electric scooters, and oversee 2300 electric scooters as of November 2023 in the Helsinki Metrpolitan area, ensuring they’re optimally maintained and ready for riders 24/7. Our consultancy extends from Finland to Italy and France, showcasing our unique expertise in micromobility solutions. Our team of seven’s youthful dynamism, innovative approaches, and stellar work ethic have garnered attention even from the head of Bird Co in the USA. With our pioneering methods, we’ve been instrumental inreshaping scooter maintenance practices across European Markets.

Company: Dubs Oy
Position: Chairman of the Board, Co-founder
Since: 6/2021
Website: https://www.dubs.fi


As a chairman of the company, I have been able to leverage my technical skills, leadership skills, and have learned to optimize every opportunity that comes our way.

Everything you witness on dubs.fi is a product of our own efforts. The decision in June 2022 to partner with Bird was the culmination of 10 months of intensive “couch hustling” – a testament to our journey of passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment. As the chairman, my aim has always been to lead with example, setting a precedent for my peers and our dedicated team of seven. When it is time to take it easy, I bring humor and a positive spirit, yet when duty calls, we commit wholeheartedly, striving to do it better than we have done it before. With each new project, our mindset remains unshaken; to not just meet but exceed client expectations; this is how we ensure longevity in business relations. While I set high standards for both myself and those around me, it’s imperative that we enjoy the process. After all, our essence is rooted in a passion for innovation, execution, and the exhilarating life of entrepreneurship.


I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty; this is precisely what leading by example entails.

For any leader, understanding the processes and workflow of ground-level operations is crucial. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the company’s foundation – and how could you steer the company in the right direction, if the board is completely separated from the ground. Since our inception, we have always believed in being hands-on, diving into the thick of things, even as our primary tasks have gradually shifted behind the computer screens. My expertise in software programming has been invaluable in this journey. Whether it’s developing custom plugins, crafting intricate algorithms for Google Sheets and Excel, or meticulously coding a website, these skills have often been driving incremental value.


As a result, Dubs Micromobility consistently rakes in a five-figure revenue monthly, throughout the year, by managing fleets and delivering expert micromobility consulting. However, the motive isn’t the money, but rather the value we have created.

Steady revenue is a clear reflection of our dedication and its fruitful results. While we may not be swimming in request, the objective was never about immense wealth; it was about creating a business that genuinely adds value. This year alone, we’ve provided employment opportunities for young adults, crafting a healthy, fun, and accepting workspace they genuinely enjoy to come in every morning. We offer sustainable solutions, and steering people into choosing electric scooters over cars. I’m filled with anticipation for the future, eager to see the heights we’ll reach, whether that’s expanding locally in Finland or venturing into consulting roles beyond our borders.

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