Reservation System Portfolio Item

Hetijetti Reservation System

Developed as a project for a programming course at Aalto University, this Python application leverages the PyQt5 library, with an intention of eventual integration into the Hetijetti website. The project is openly accesible on GitHub, accompanied by detailed documentation outlining its functionality. The project recieved a perfect score.

Client: RO Services Oy / Independent
Date: May 1, 2023
Services: Python


I would not want to let this project collect dust as there is real-world applicability for this application. The reservation system was created with the user in mind so I have no doubt implementing the system into the Hetijetti website would both drive up the sales and enhance customer experience.

I could use a Python web framework like Django or Flask to convert my project into a web application. This would involve restructuring your code to fit into a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, and writing HTML templates for the pages. This way, the Python code could run on the server and generate dynamic content for the Hetijetti website.

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